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Independent Film/Passion Project/Rodeo Movie by Christian L. Romero
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Go Around Synopsis - Movie Summary

Western Star
Jesse Courtney, Mike Frazier, Rob Hikus, Joe Romer, Larry Sims, Jerry Stringer

Synopsis Of Go Around by Christian L. Romero

It all begins in a contemporary setting in present day Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ty, an attractive chiseled, athletic young man in his early 30's with an optimistic demeanor, an all-American Bullfighter / Rodeo Clown by trade, with a burning aspiration to be a heart-throb Country Western Singer.  

His would be girlfriend Dallas, an attractive, statuesque woman in her late 20's, sweet, sassy, sexy, “a hottie” exotic dancer, hard edged, driven by survival, money, of little commitment and bitterly conniving.  

Ty and Dallas live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The excitement and adventure of Las Vegas suit their personalities and ambitious life styles.  They are both well known in their respective occupations.  Ty is serious about his Rodeo Bullfighting and Rodeo Clowning, while Dallas is equally driven to being Las Vegas' RICHEST Topless Dancer and her willingness to do almost anything to achieve her goals.  

View this story as it takes you around the country with Ty in and around rodeo life, visiting the bars.  Be with him in the rodeo arena as the rodeo clown fooling about to razz the crowd, waiting for the Cowboy and bull to be released from the chute.  The ride is on, Ty shuffles, watching and waiting to protect the Cowboy being thrown or during the dismount of the bull.  The cowboy is thrown to the ground and starts crawling away, Ty keeps the bull’s attention by standing in front of his piercingly agitated eyes, eye to eye with the bull, slapping its head and yanking the tail.     

In a barn style bar outside San Antonio, Texas, this country bar has a mechanical bull as the main attraction.  Inside, patrons are line dancing to country music having a good time.  Ty is at the DJ booth looking out at the crowd mischievously.  He turns to talk to the DJ and slips him some money to make a change.  The country music fades away and the R&B beat grooves out of the darkness.  The crowd is confused and slowly clears the dance floor.

Ty and two of his Cowboy friends walk to the center of the dance floor and slowly begin to bump and grind to the beat of the new sounds.  Rhythmically, they begin to mimic riding a hoof stomping bull and commence slapping their butts to gain control.  The crowd watches and begins to change expressions from confusion to light hearted smiles.  Three giggling girls strut on to the dance floor, seductively start dancing the "dunkey butt" with Ty and his partners.  Convincingly, the crowd is won over and the dance floor thickens.  So does the plot.                                                                

A group of rowdy ranch hands are sitting at a beer bottle littered table overlooking the dance floor.  They've stopped talking and look to the dance floor watching with amazement.  Roger Manley (large man, tall, wide and heavy, late 30's, rich Texas breeder, cowboy) very drunk, boasting, starts trash talking about Ty.  He knows Ty through Dallas, Roger is Dallas' best customer who wants more, much MORE.  Jealous of Ty's relationship with her, Roger is BITTER.  Grasp the sub-story as Roger tries to steal the figment of his imagination girlfriend. The Plot thickens, drama results in a side love story with Ty leaving Dallas to her deceitful demise because of greed and dishonesty,  for his new love Maria.  Ty must now deal with his codependent relationship with Dallas .                    
                 Go Around

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