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Independent Film/Passion Project/Rodeo Movie by Christian L. Romero
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Go Around Multi Script Log Lines

"Drop Down Mama"
Western Star
Jesse Courtney,Mike Frazier, Rob Hikus, Joe Romer, Larry Sims, Jerry Stringer
This hot, action packed, reality based, feel good drama has something for everyone!  Thoroughly researched, GO AROUND, is the real life view of our modern day competitive rodeo circuit & the people that make it happen!

  A budding singer, an instigator, a jealous well connected rich
Red neck, an undeserving take all beauty, a peaches and cream real
love woman, an honest flat out guiding spirit, a little bit of e-mail, some brutal physical action and a lot of decisions…

  1 Hero, 2 Villains, Everyone Gets Affected
Your all American MAN vs Man vs Women
  Real Life Situations and Real RODEO Action

A true hero that takes life as it comes, a clashing fresh modern flavor, a bad situation you’re forced to deal with, a teasing beauty who doesn’t understand love, a true woman you want to take care of, a god sent with an agenda, a tour of Las Vegas, some heart bashing realities and a lot of clowning around…

Action, action, action the National Finals Rodeo is already sold out, every year.

We already have an audience.  You only need the movie they pay to see.

Go Around = Must See American Movie = Gross

A Rodeo Bullfighter, a Best Friend, an Evil jackass Rodeo Stock Supplier, a Exotic Dancer, a strong young single Mother, an opportunistic Godmother, a little bit of Elvis, some jail time and a lot of Jack Daniels…

  • Bar fights
  • Exotic Dancers
  • Fun butt-bumping country bars dancing to rap
  • Elvis impersonating 4 year old kids
  • Secret real e-mail tricks
  • National anthem performed to coordinated fire works
  • Drugged up angry bulls that hurt people
  • A webbed conspiracy everyone will appreciate
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