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"Too Small A Town"
Western Star
Jesse Courtney, Mike Frazier, Rob Hikus, Joe Romer, Larry Sims, Jerry Stringer

Go Around

A talented Rodeo bullfighter aspires to become a Country/Western singer and journeys through bad love with his Exotic Dancer Girlfriend .  Leaving the thrashed relationship he embraces a new Single Mom girlfriend of quality as the old love clashes with the new relationship.  A modern day story about heartbreak, an evil Rodeo stock supplier, Country Music and fast times at the crossroads of life.

Cowboy up Riders, Can you ride 911?

The Bull that’s never been rode. A $5.00 Taxi ride taking the long block deep into the Well. Bronc & Bull riders send us your best 8 second ride, for  a chance to perform in Go Around as a Stuntman or Actor. Go to Contact us tab.

Cast Table Read Filmed June 2013
 The First 29 pages coming mid- march
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Christian L. Romero 
Go Around Independent Film/Passion Project/Country Western/Rodeo Movie: Copyright Reg. #PAuoo3493214 

TY Our hero: Attractive athletic white male 30 to early 40's bull fighter/ rodeo clown by trade also talented inspiring country singer.
Dallas- Co Star: White female early 30;s very attractive blond bombshell, sweet, sex
y, hotty. Exotic dancer geared by money 
Cowboy Bill: White or Latin early 20;s male or Bull rider early 20's very spirited. Second Generation.
Rodeo Announcer: White male over thirty. 
Roger Manley: White male large man tall wide late 30's rich Texas Bull Breeder.
Sheriff Deputy: White male 20's clean cut, red neck.
Topless Club Manager: White male Mid 40's tall strong build ice cold face.
Stripper #1: White female early 20's sweet, cute, sexy.
Raven: Attractive Black women late 20's wise veteran stripper. 
Sheriff Buck: White middle age cowboy strong slender clean cut and speaks with conviction.
Montgomery: White male lawyer early 60's southern silver tongue a gentleman. respected.
Emilio: Latin macho mid 30ish attractive single wild.
Aunt Maria: Latin strong willed late 50's Spanish accent, excellent English, cheerful club owner.
Bar Women #1: White sexy club goer 20;s to 30;s.
Christine- Co Star: Latin late 20; down to earth peaches and cream beautiful. Strong wise
hard worker single mom.
Johnny: Latin very cute 7 years old. 
Danny: White male late 20's rodeo bull fighter.
Ranch Hand: White male 30's
Doctor: Any race but professional 50 to 60.
Door Man: Any race very tall, very thick professional bouncer.

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